Meet us in Brussels

We are present at Seafood Processing Global in Brussels. Come see us at our booth and join our sessions.

Seafood Processing Global is the world’s largest seafood trade event. You will find us at booth 4-5857. In addition you can join our sessions about seafood intelligence and analytics, and digitalization of the seafood value chain:

Seafood Intelligence and Analytics – Operational agility and control

Our advanced planning and analytics tools provide a 360 degree view, enabling agile, data-driven optimization and decision making.

Actionable insight and broader understanding of the data, make it possible to easily analyze both the current situation and visualize future changes. Instead of gathering data, you can spend more time on analyzing.

Digitalization of the Seafood Value Chain – Insight and control from sea to table

The supply chain of seafood is probably the most complex of all supply chains in the world. Our innovative DigitalSeafood solutions offer new and easy ways to collaborate with suppliers, customers, 3rd party logistics, as well as quality control support right across the seafood value chain.

DigitalSeafood efficiently gathers information from all operations and offers a huge potential for competitive advantage and revenue growth.


14:30 Seafood Intelligence and Analytics
11:00 Seafood Intelligence and Analytics
15:00 Digitalization of the Seafood Value Chain
11:00 Digitalization of the Seafood Value Chain